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Run, jump, crawl are moves we like see at AEA. Consider full body control as the new input device for gaming. Become one with your virtual body. Notice how players become more

expressive then ever before.

New generations spend less time exercising. Gaming became the go to activity for teenagers. That's where Active Esports Arena makes the difference. By playing with your friends, it's not only fun, but also getting yourself a full work-out. The AEA school competitions rases awareness about physical fitness and re-introduces students to local sports clubs.

PWXR supports the

For events, school competitions and permanent

installations available by 2023 (Location Based Entertainment Centers).

There is something new on the horizon: the gamechanger that connects XR gaming, health, and science. These are the components for a unique competition.

An entirely new genre, turning couch potatoes into digital and physical champions! An activity that’s fun to play and great to watch. Join Active Esports Arena NOW!

Get your own AEA installation:


  • Set difficulty

  • Set series of mini-games

  • Cheat/assist

  • Match duration

  • Broadcasting on the surrounding screens

  • Notifications

  • Naming

  • Leaderboard

  • AR

  • Enable audience to look along in VR

  • Network configuration

  • Calibration

  • MC (moderating the matches)

  • Integrated trouble shooting & guide

BRAND ACTIVATION:  incorporate logo's, colors, bumpers and even 3D product placement. We can customize the physical and digital arena to your brand. Please contact for more info.

10 Min. matches   |   1 Min. challenges  |  4 Platforms  |   2 Teams  |  Competition   |   Audience Interaction  |   Continuous new content & updates  |   Leaderboard statistics | Unique AR spectator mode

Active E-Sports Championship Competition raises student awareness on the need of sport and exercise. Students are surveyed on their attitude towards  exercise and monitored during the competition. Students are given personal advice, and are introduced to local sport clubs. They get free trials that, if they go, earn them bonus points in the competition. By participating they automatically compete in regional and national competitions. 

69% ...wants to play AEA as an official sport.
20% ...wants to spend more time on exercise after the program.  
55% ...rather plays games using their body instead of using a controller.

A NEW GAME GENRE TO EXPLORE: PWXR created the first 6DOF standalone VR game in 2017. We were the first company to use hands as a controller, then in 2018 we stepped up our game and made the WHOLE body into an input device. By connecting to the right partners we’re always a step ahead and are able to innovate (e.g. Samsung, Facebook, Xsens/Movella, Manus, HTC). We create unique playing experiences but also contribute to scientific research (TUE, InnoBeweegLab, etc.); a whole new genre to explore!


"You can do everything with AEA and I imagine big tournaments to be organized that will end up with world champions!"


Nina de Rooij
lifestyle coach PSV+

"You’re encouraged to exercise in an innovative and playful way, that involves heartbeat, muscles and breathing. I can recommend this with great enthusiasm."


Erwin van de Zee
High Five Health Promotion

"A super cool experience in which all the basics of movement are implemented. Highly recommended as a team outing or during an event, as you can play a competition against each other in a fun and playful way. Look forward to next time!”

Ali Riza Aygün
eDivisie top player

PWXR B.V.  -  HTC 6a, 5656 AE Eindhoven, The Netherlands

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