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Use your Body instead of your Game Controller 

Players, the crowd to Support and a Tournament system to manage 

Run, jump, crawl are moves we like see at AEA. Consider full body control as the new input device for gaming. Become one with your virtual body. Notice how players become more

expressive then ever before.

There is something new on the horizon: the gamechanger that connects XR gaming, health, and science. These are the components for a unique competition.

An entirely new genre, turning couch potatoes into digital and physical champions! An activity that’s fun to play and great to watch. Join Active Esports Arena NOW!



for Activations and Awareness campaigns


New generations spend less time exercising. Gaming became the go to activity for teenagers. That's where Active Esports Arena makes the difference. By playing with your friends, it's not only fun, but also getting yourself a full work-out. The AEA school competitions rases awareness about physical fitness and re-introduces students to local sports clubs. The ideal spo(r)t for GenZ to meet!





for getting your full Presence within the Game

Give GenZ back their 3rd Space to meet, enjoy games & experience sports! 


Is the Competition only about Active Esports Arena

The non-violent games are that intense that players start to exercise while not even noticing. The beginning of a journey within the realm of gaming. AEC is a special developed program that is about bringing people together, boosting self confidence and re-introducing to regular sports. Along with specialised sports research partners (InnoBeweegLab), behavior is being tracked anonymously.

Use Active Esports Arena to connect to schools, universities, municipality, government, sport clubs and sponsors to connect with GenZ


Each player has a designated field of 4m x 4m.
The actual playing area is 3m x 3m.
The extra included meter is for safety.
Have 3 m free space in height due to jumping players.



Player preparation is included into the experience.

A group will get gloves and shin guards upfront and

once being called via the announce system, groups

of 4 players may enter the arena. AEA is developed as being an exclusive experience, that focusses more on providing a show instead of having very high throughput numbers.


Due of the players moving at such a high pace, and remain on their own platform at all times.

Place the arena near a food court; it's a spectator event.

Dynamically adapt the match time at about 6-8 min.

Use the arena at hotspots to attract people.

Smartly use the claim of health.

Setup competitions using the event management system.

Make use of the option to brand the entire experience.


AEA draws people to play and watch. Each match turns a smile on faces of those watching the surrounding screens. It's like watching regular sports; encourage your favorite team and enjoy a drink along the sidelines.


a serie of 4 player challenges inspired by Sports


Once calibrated you'll enter the virtual world and get acquainted to your new inner-outer body. You wake up in a cabin that teaches you the basics, until everyone is ready for the match to start. 

The cabin opens up and for the first time all players face each other in a huge virtual sports arena. Surrounding screens introduce the players who intuitively wave around being fully energized!

Together with your buddy you need to compete against 2 others in a series of challenges that each take about 1 minute. Each challenge won makes your team lift up a level, giving the best team literary the top position!


The intense immersiveness makes players only focus on the game, not realising they're getting a full-body work-out. It stimulates the body and the brain and it encourages people to think about their physical condition after playing.

The challenges are inspired by sports, but will never be an exact representation. Then we rather have you to pick up a ball. Instead, the focus is on response, timing and coordination. Involving a ball can create harmful situations, due of the high pace movements.

So AEA is a bit of all, having elements inspired by boxing, football, soccer, dance, etc. Maybe even a start of what can be the talent scouting tool of the future! Data shows out that about 60% of the players would love sports to evolve towards this direction.

10 Min. matches   |   1 Min. challenges  |  4 Platforms  |   2 Teams  |  Competition   |   Audience Interaction  |   Continuous new content & updates  |   Leaderboard statistics | Unique AR spectator mode


BRAND ACTIVATION:  incorporate logo's, colors, bumpers and even 3D product placement. We can customize the physical and digital arena to your brand. Please contact for more info.

Active Esports Arena shows over the World


LA Sport INNOVATION  Conference    |     Sofi Stadium Los Angeles


Sport AWARDS    |     Eindhoven


Soccerex AMERICANAS Conference    |     Miami Beach Convention center


"You can do everything with AEA and I imagine big tournaments to be organized that will end up with world champions!"


Nina de Rooij
lifestyle coach PSV+

"You’re encouraged to exercise in an innovative and playful way, that involves heartbeat, muscles and breathing. I can recommend this with great enthusiasm."


Erwin van de Zee
High Five Health Promotion

"A super cool experience in which all the basics of movement are implemented. Highly recommended as a team outing or during an event, as you can play a competition against each other in a fun and playful way. Look forward to next time!”


Ali Riza Aygün
eDivisie top player

PWXR B.V.  -  HTC 6a, 5656 AE Eindhoven, The Netherlands

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