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  • Set difficulty

  • Set series of mini-games

  • Cheat/assist

  • Match duration

  • Broadcasting on the surrounding screens

  • Notifications

  • Naming

  • Leaderboard

  • AR

  • Enable audience to look along in VR

  • Network configuration

  • Calibration

  • MC (moderating the matches)

  • Integrated trouble shooting & guide

Based on installation cost & monthly license fee 

Compared to other solutions, AEA focusses not only on the unique gaming aspects, but also on giving a show.  Audiences feel like they visit a live match of their favorite club at the stadium. Music, lights, AR, VR; all connected into a complete experience. Remember obstacle run shows on TV? This is the next LEVEL experience!

The amount of running, jumping, crawling, ect., makes the total game time of maximal 10 minutes fully satisfying for the players. AEA is accessible for all ages, available in various difficulty settings, that can even be adjusted during the match.

Match and preparation per 4 players: 15 min.
AEA has a throughput of 16 players per hour.

Incl. digital + offline instructions

10 Min. matches   |   1 Min. challenges  |  4 Platforms  |   2 Teams  |  Competition   |   Audience Interaction  |   Continuous new content & updates  |   Leaderboard statistics | Unique AR spectator mode

You might want to have a drink once finished. Get hydrated at the bar and check out your rank on the surrounding screens. While changing players, the replay of your match is being shown. See if your friends can pulverize your scores in the match to come!

After an intense match, there is only one thing you want:

PWXR advises to have AEA to be placed next
to a food court or bar. Staff at the bar can also

assist the operator during events if wanted.

Upfront instruction to the group, replay of the matches,

leaderboards  & Queue announcements

PWXR B.V.  -  HTC 6a, 5656 AE Eindhoven, The Netherlands

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